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#WHVLife – In Finding a Job


The insecurity of not getting a job is a normal feeling you will get, especially on your first working holiday days, even before you leave your home. Hundreds of question will screaming in your head. How can I get the job? What kind of job I can do? Am I ...

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Places I Love in Sydney!


It has been more than 6 months since I became Sydneysiders. Unfortunately, I haven’t explore Sydney more – yet. Blame on the super busy schedule and limited day off I had! Well, anyway I still could manage to visit some places that turns out become my favourite so far in Sydney! ...

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Winter Getaway – Snowy Mountain NSW


Winter is comiiingg!! Booooooo!! I’m not a fan of winter. When I used to live in my home country, I always been dreaming of having one. But now? Naww waaaay! I guess winter is the most annoying season ever! Imagine when you go outside, tightly covered, but you still can feel the ...

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#WHVLife – In Finding a (Shared) House


Finding a place to live abroad is a bit tricky. It needs patience and a factor named ‘luck’. Because when you have this demand, it needs a ‘perfect timing’ in order to match with the supply that suitable to your demand. I myself more preferred to live in a shared ...

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101 Road Trip with a Campervan in NZ


#1 Campervan or Motorhome? Campervan usually refers to smaller 2-4 berth vehicle. It’s a van that being modified to have kitchen and bathroom facilities in compact form. While Motorhome is more spacious vehicle for 2 – 6 berth, it contains kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as other home features. Which ...

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Cost of Living in Sydney

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I have shared cost of living in Perth earlier, and now I will share Sydney version. It’s no longer a secret that Sydney is expensive, it is even nominated as one of the most expensive city in the world. Hmm.. that’s true but not completely/ Shared House About this one, ...

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The Ultimate #SYDNYE Fireworks!


In the last 3 years, I spent my NYE at home, yep just at home. Watching count-down on TV, hangin out at the house roof top to enjoy 360 degrees fireworks in my neighborhood, then going to sleep precisely half an hour after the official new year. Kinda lost my appetite ...

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