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That Pretty Little Town in France : Annecy


What I wanted to experience in France is actually not Paris. I wasn’t really interested to go to Eiffel or Louvre, or whatever about Paris they usually show on the media. Though of course, I still came to Paris – because you know – it’s Paris! Meanwhile, I wanted to ...

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To Sum Up 1 Year #WHVLife in Australia


Hey Hello from Bali!! So yeahs, here comes a time when I finally need to COME HOME after 1 year life of adventure. So relieved and happy. My Working Holiday Visa is expired at the end of September (this month!), it’s still 3 more weeks from today but I am ...

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#WHVLife – In Finding a Job


The insecurity of not getting a job is a normal feeling you will get, especially on your first working holiday days, even before you leave your home. Hundreds of question will screaming in your head. How can I get the job? What kind of job I can do? Am I ...

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Places I Love in Sydney!


It has been more than 6 months since I became Sydneysiders. Unfortunately, I haven’t explore Sydney more – yet. Blame on the super busy schedule and limited day off I had! Well, anyway I still could manage to visit some places that turns out become my favourite so far in Sydney! ...

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Winter Getaway – Snowy Mountain NSW


Winter is comiiingg!! Booooooo!! I’m not a fan of winter. When I used to live in my home country, I always been dreaming of having one. But now? Naww waaaay! I guess winter is the most annoying season ever! Imagine when you go outside, tightly covered, but you still can feel the ...

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#WHVLife – In Finding a (Shared) House


Finding a place to live abroad is a bit tricky. It needs patience and a factor named ‘luck’. Because when you have this demand, it needs a ‘perfect timing’ in order to match with the supply that suitable to your demand. I myself more preferred to live in a shared ...

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101 Road Trip with a Campervan in NZ


#1 Campervan or Motorhome? Campervan usually refers to smaller 2-4 berth vehicle. It’s a van that being modified to have kitchen and bathroom facilities in compact form. While Motorhome is more spacious vehicle for 2 – 6 berth, it contains kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as other home features. Which ...

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