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2020 has been the most unexpected year ever – at least in my life so far. Never I’ve ever imagined in my lifetime I would cross path with A PANDEMIC?! Geez.. isn’t it so last century’s world problem? 2020 has to be the year that full of futuristic invention like flying cars, flying human, super computer – not an awful and uncontrollable disease?! Duh.

I was in a total quarantine in my parent’s house until end of June because I was too scared of getting out of the house. But my office where I work decided to resume work from office in the beginning of July thus I had to get out of my home. Turns out… it was FINE. I meant.. being outside was not that bad, then I started to meet up with my friends with a strict health protocol along for sure.

I had 3 swab PCR test so far, because people around me keeps getting one. But thankfully my result always appeared to be negative.

ANYWAY. 2020 seems like holding off on a lot of plans for many people but I’d say my life went pretty well aside from not being able to travel. Well its a huge thing for me, since you know, travel has always been a significant part of me. But I compromised though. I am forever grateful to still have my job with full salary, and all of my side business are still going well, to my surprise. Plus… I also managed to buy myself shares of a B&B cottage in Ubud, Bali! YAYY!!

By far this is the biggest spending ever that I did for myself. Thanks to this ehm.. COVID, that somehow allow me to allocate most of my savings in a year + my travel budget to this one. At least I’m still able to make a milestone amidst the uncertainity.

It’s always been my dream to own a little B&B that has a tranquil view!

Here is a little snapshot of my little hideaway

I have no intention to go anywhere this year but seeing this new baby at the end of this year, won’t hurt right?