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Autumn in Amsterdam


Autumn is my most fave time of all season, followed by spring, summer and at last, winter. At first, I was very skeptical towards Amsterdam. My coming to the city was just for visiting a best friend of mine, Dila. If she didn’t live there, I would most probably skip ...

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My Highlights in Prague


Have you heard the quotes saying : “If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls” I totally agreed with it. I believe most of the people are with me too. Prague has something magnetic that makes you easily fall in love with the city. ...

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Sorry, Venice! I Like Burano More!


I did not get any sparks when I walked around Venice. It’s popular canals and buildings has failed to get my trophy of most beautiful place I’ve been to. I don’t get why a lot of people seems convincing when they describe Venice. ‘You’ll love it!’ They always say. Well, ...

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That Pretty Coastal Town in Italy : Positano


  It was kinda hard to choose between Positano or Cinque Terre. Both has same type of town, but through the research I did on google and as my intuition spoke, I finally opted for Positano. Positano is a cliff side village on Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. A pretty town ...

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Through the Exoticsm of the Cities in Morocco


I knew I will be fed up with the modernity of the cities in Europe, to sterilise it, I slipped Morocco in the middle of my trip to EU. Frankly, on the days before my departure I was more excited to go to Morocco than to Europe.  Well, through all interesting ...

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One and a Half Day in Paris


“Bonjour!!” As the first European city I visited, Paris exceed my expectation as a Paris that I’ve always imagined though the city has been overexposed that makes the whole things pretty anti-climactic. The only gasp-ing moment I had in Paris was, when I climbed up the street to Sacre Coeur ...

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How to Decide Which Sahara Tour? Zagora or Merzouga?


As we know, Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world. It covers 31% of Africa, stretched out from Western Sahara, Morocco, Niger, Mauritania, Tunisia, Sudan, Libya, Mali, Egypt, Chad, and Algeria. Visiting Sahara should have become my most highlight part during my visit to Marocco. But apparently, ...

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Experience the Real French Cuisine


I seldom talk about food – but as you know, eating an authentic food is categorised as trying something new, so I will post my most expensive yet delicious meal experience I had in France – since French food is recognised as the best food in the world. It was ...

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