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Since our currency against dollar has fallen from last year, I think it will be more financially-wise if I put my abroad destinations away for a while.

Anyway, here are my Travel Plans in 2014 :

1. Camp Leakey, Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan Tengah. To witness my adorable primates, yup, the Orang Utans. | DONE! did it at the end of January, and it was freaking AWESOME!

2. Sailing Trip from Lombok to Komodo and Labuhan Bajo. Oh please, I crave for this since 2 years ago! And I’m gonna make it real this year!

3. Dive in Lombok and one of NTT islands. Seeing Manta Ray and more beautiful creatures down there. The more, the merrier. | DONE! Dive in Gili T , saw many like green sea turtles, couple of batfish, angle fish, sweetlips, and giant trevally! but still craving for others..

4. Have a solo trip to Sulawesi or..to Sumatera. but actually I’d prefer to explore Nusa Tenggara Islands more, like Kelimutu or Waerobo. Well we’ll see.. | DONE! had a solo trip to Gili T! Such the best things to close my chapter in 2014 

5. Do my first time hiking to Rinjani. I know my endurance is a global disaster, but somehow, I’m sure I can do it.

6. I never put my interest in visiting a museum, but I don’t know why, Museum Tsunami Aceh clearly has my heart once I saw it in Ridwan Kamil’s project photos.


Lets hope a never ending fortune will come to my pocket so I could make all of them come true.