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To Summarise 2017


As you know, I came back from my career break on September 2016. Feeling incredibly fresh and couldn’t wait to get back to my so-called career life. I enjoyed my gap time traveling to Europe and a part of Indonesia I’d never got a chance to explore. Then I smoothly ...

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Do I Deserve a Career Break?


I was once very depressed. I lose my appetite for work. I hate my routines. I would give anything to be in an island and selling ice cream rather than on my desk, working on a recommendation deck. Question. What and Where I see myself in the next year? Hmmm, ...

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Welcome to My New Crib!

I never wanted to make my own website as a home to my travel lust, until this best friend of mine, ensure me to do so. And…after a cool negotiation with the super cooperative web designer, Jolsvy, who also happened to be my good friend, in less than 3 months, ...

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2015 Travel Plan

travel plan 2015

It’s March already! Geezz…wondering if TIME is riding a bullet train! Well, I don’t have many plans as I did back in 2014. But I do have a bigger travel plan this year. Not gonna tell you now, because err…let’s say it is still confidential due to the long process ...

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2014 Travel Plan

travel plan 2014

Since our currency against dollar has fallen from last year, I think it will be more financially-wise if I put my abroad destinations away for a while. Anyway, here are my Travel Plans in 2014 : 1. Camp Leakey, Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan Tengah. To witness my adorable primates, yup, the ...

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2010-2011 Travel List

My Traveling Schedule 2010-2011 30 October 2010 – 1 November 2010 Bromo + Sempu Island 3 December 2010 – 7 December 2010 USS + Singapore 22 Apr – 24 Apr 2011 Teluk Kiluan 6 May – 8 May 2011 Lombok 13 May 2011 – 17 May 2011 Macau + Hong ...

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Short Trip – Lombok

Super excited sekali karena ini kali pertama saya caving. Dan kali pertama juga saya join dengan rombongan lain yang gak saya kenal. Awalnya sih, H-14 teman kantor saya, Dini yang punya rencana dengan teman-temannya mau caving di Goa Buniayu tanggal 8 Oktober. Dini mengajak saya dan waktu itu nggak langsung ...

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