What I wanted to experience in France is actually not Paris. I wasn’t really interested to go to Eiffel or Louvre, or whatever about Paris they usually show on the media. Though of course, I still came to Paris – because you know – it’s Paris! Meanwhile, I wanted to dig more deeper to French town and also South of France. So, instead of spending longer in the darling capital, I decided to split some of my days in France to a small town in Southern France that nominated as the prettiest town of France, named Annecy.

If you mentioned Annecy, people would probably notice more to Lake Annecy, which also known as Europe’s cleanest lake. This town lies in the border of France and Switzerland. It needs only 3 hours drive from Lyon, yet only 1 hour from to Geneva. But yes, it’s part of France.

I took overnight Flix bus from Paris and arrived in the early morning in Lyon. Then I booked a Blablacar from Lyon to Annecy. Because if I took the train, it would cost me so much for only 3-4 hours ride. Not worth it at all.

Arrived in Annecy at around 9 am. While my check-in time in the Airbnb was at 1 pm. To kill the time, I decided to have a French breakfast in one of Brasserie with the most picturesque background in the entire town – I guess.

Anyway, this was my first Brasserie Experience.

I spent my first day walking around the old town, got really amazed to every single corner they have. I mean, Oh My God! It’s cobbled street, winding canals, flowers, pastel colour of old houses! – Completely filled my expectation of a pretty little town that I wanted to see in Europe!







I totally had an eyegasm, they were just too pretty! I couldn’t handle myself to stop taking picture of them, really!

Since it’s a very small town, it’s actually enough to explore within one day. But as visiting this kind of place was my  main desire, I decided to plot 2 days so I could relax more while exploring it. As a resume, here are the places/activity that I did :

Chateau d’Annecy – Though I didn’t come inside, but the road to get to this point was really cute! I loved it so much!

Basilique de la Visitation – I randomly went to this church because it looked really nice from afar. Lies on top of the hill which apparently from that point we could see Annecy from above!


Lake Annecy – I would say this is the highlight of Annecy, if you only had one day, then after wandering around old town, relaxing on the side of the lake is a must! My fave spot was along the avenue of Albagny and Avenue du Petit Port. It was so serene and calm. Another heavenly feeling on earth.



Pont des Amours – Well, it wasn’t a really special bridge. It’s just the name and philosophy of the bridge that makes it special. Anyway, the best spot to enjoy the bridge wasn’t on the bridge itself, but in the canals that passing through the bridge.


And.. recommended activity to do is :

Renting a bike – biking through narrow streets and along the Annecy lake! Guess it was the best way to explore and enjoy Annecy



On top of all my pleasant experience in Annecy was be able to have dinner together with French family, eating original French food. My Airbnb host was super awesome. I’d say she was the nicest host I had during my Europe Trip. She invited us to have a dinner with her family and friends and cooked us an authentic French food from Savoie. Although  she didn’t really speak english, but… we could understand each other in a very limited way of communication. Thanks to her son, for becoming our translator.

I just knew that after all the guest she had, us was the first guest that she cooked dinner for! Oh I’m so lucky, am I?


We had cheese fondue – an authentic Savoie food in the winter time. It made from 3 different types of cheese mixed with flour and wine, melted it together into a pot, where we can dip our bread into it. Yum! so good! They say, if we lose or drop our bread in the pot, it means we have to do something that all the people asked, otherwise bad luck will be upon us. Well I dropped mine once :p


Thanks Mama Najate and Family! I will always remember your super hospitality!