I seldom talk about food – but as you know, eating an authentic food is categorised as trying something new, so I will post my most expensive yet delicious meal experience I had in France – since French food is recognised as the best food in the world.

It was my last day in Europe, and I still have almost a hundred bucks left to spend. So, after visiting Eiffel Tower, I accidentally passed a big writing said Les Ombres, which I believed it is a 5-star restaurant with a legit view of Eiffel Tower. My friend went inside to check, and indeed it has the view that we wanted.

Although we came with you know – backpacker kind of appearance. But, I would say that the waitress didn’t really give a shit about that. They still gave us their best service and more importantly, they gave us the table next to the window so we can enjoy Eiffel tower while eating. Yeayyy!! I gave them 5 stars for this excellent service.

Once we checked the menu… the price wasn’t too bad. Only €42 for lunch menu package. And surprisingly, the price was including tax and service!

So yeah..I ordered :

Tourte de canard et foie gras,salade d’hiver, copeau de châtaigne
(Duck and foie gras pie, winter salad, chestnut slice)


Lotte rôtie, panisse et mousseline de pois cassé, condiment cébette, chorizo, pois cassé, crème chorizo
(Roasted monkfish, mashed split peas, baby onion, chorizo, split peas condiment, chorizo cream)


Banane fressinette, caramélisée et flambée au rhum, beignet, chantilly citron vert
(Caramelized and flamed fressinette banana with rum, fritter, lime whipped cream)


The appetizer and main course were excellent! Super delish! not only it’s beautiful plating but also very mouth watery taste. I was very satisfied with their food as well, no wonder they have good review in Trip Advisor!

Me being awkwardly photographed :p

So yeah, if you do have some spare budget, why don’t you indulge yourself for a good food?
If you were in Paris,  I would recommend you trying Les Ombres.
But maybe, the best time to come here is on dinner time, so that you can see the illuminated of Eiffle Tower at night!