I know many people who do the exactly same things in their whole lives. Go to work, pay the bills, buy this and that after payday (IF they have spare money after monthly bills?), and so on and so on. Without any willing to make it a bit different by doing something they never been done, at least on their weekends.

I’m having a big curiosity, how could you guys survive that? I mean, do you ever get bored? Until I read one article, it said that some people were born to remain in one place because they wanted it, they comfortable to do it. While some other people were born to travel, to try something new, because it fulfilled their lives.

Well, million people, million ways of thinking. I don’t need to understand, I just need to have respect, and be open minded.

For those who were born to explore things or places, which I’m pretty sure that I’m one of them, usually make lists of what they’re craving in their lives which is more familiar with phrase : things-to-do-before-I-die.

Speaking of which, I have some goals (which will keep updated) that I extremely want to experience in my life. Really-really looking forward to do my very first time moment for :

1. Roadtrip in New Zealand (DONE! Apr 2016)

2. Skydiving (DONE! Apr 2016)

3. Diving with Shark

4. Diving with Manta Ray (more to snorkling with the Mantas, DONE! Komodo – Dec 2016)

5. Diving with Mola Mola

6. Night-Diving

7. Black water rafting in Waitomo Cave – NZ

8. Paralayang at Puncak

9. Flying with SQ (DONE – May 2015)

10. Attending famous summer festival

11. Hitch-Hiking

12. Sailing Trip

13. Trying archery

14. Live abroad for months (or years??) (DONE – Oct15-ytd)

15. Shotover jetboat (DONE! Apr 2016)

16. Riding in hot air balloon

17. Go skiing

18. Having a cute picnic in Cherry Blossom festival (DONE! Apr 2015)

19. White water rafting in grade 5 river

20. Having Onsen in Japan (DONE! Apr 2015)

21. Diving with Whale Shark

22. Witnessing the Giving Alm Ceremony in Luang Prabang (DONE! May 2017)

23. Hiking Rinjani

24. Ice skating in New York (DONE! Dec 2018)

25. Umrah to Mecca and Medina

26. Diving in Iceland

27. Safari in Africa

28. Salkantay Trek Macchu Picchu

29. Go to Harry Potter World in London

30. Tiger Nest in Bhutan

31. Camel Ride in Sahara (DONE! Nov 2016)

32. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

33. Staying (at least) a night in Kakslauttanen Igloo in Finland

34. Snowmobile Ride! (DONE! China Dec 2019)

35. Swimming at the Dead Sea

36. Diving at Red Sea