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An Indonesian sweetheart
who has been keeping her love affair towards travel since 2009

It all started when her lust for travel being seduced for the first time after
her graduation and there’s always been the next-destination since then

She loves the idea of experiencing the whole new things on her travel,
every single process, coincidence, and adventure means the world to her

Nothing is more romantic than exploring new places and
there’s nothing more seductive as meeting new people

Travel makes her believe that having a good life in pretty place
where everybody smiles and spread positive vibes is real.
It is somewhere out there waiting to be discovered

They say, as time goes by memory will fade
hence she created this box of stories to make her easier to recall all the  great times during her travels

Because .. when it comes to something that she loves
no matter how bitter it went,
it will always end up to be something sweet to remember!

Enjoy xx