After so much doubting on where to spend my last days in 2017, I ended up buying ticket to Penang, Malaysia. The reason was because it’s the cheapest yet the most appealing option available. Besides, I was not in the mood for nature-adventure thingy, I wanted a city that I can walk around to explore and chill. Anywhere but new, so yes Penang it is! Not too big, not too small to enjoy in 5 days.

Since I was traveling solo, so I took it slowly. I didn’t prepare itinerary like I always did. All I knew about Penang was good food and its mural art. So yeah I’ll just make myself chill, well feed, and sleep. No pressure in visiting places.

To be honest, I also did not expect much on the Mural Art. My mural experience in Melbourne didn’t really caught me. I thought it would be similar. Turns out… I was wrong! Penang delivered much better art sense! The murals were outrageous! They are spreading everywhere across the town, not only in one area. Which is very cool! Not only the murals, but the town itself is very artisan. You can just bumped into some random art galleries in between souvenir shops. Or if you want to know the culture of the society or the history of a landmark or a street, you can just stop by at iron sculpture work that will explain to you a random interesting fact about it. This sculpture work also can be found all across the town.

On the second day, I challenged myself on a game called Mural Hunt. I made the game on my own by the way. And yes, I am the only participant. Hahaha! At first, I didn’t want to ask help from google, I just wanted to walk around and snap any arty stuff I came across. Apparently it was hard. Because not all the art were viewable, sometimes some of the are hidden behind a neglected walls or building, or in a very small alleys no one never passed by! So yes, I need you, googs!!

Frankly, even with google help, you can still missed those out. I found myself walking on the same street more than 3 times, looking for specific mural. And swearing to google for giving wrong information. Turned out, the mural was on the parking lot behind a building! It was exhausting yet super fun! Never thought the game will required so much walk and detail attention. Feels like playing the detective finding for a clue!

My 5 days mural hunting resulted to 71 mural art and 18 iron sculptures. Don’t get me wrong, of course I didn’t spend all my time for hunting. If I got tired in the middle, I would stop by in a good cafe to chill or famous hawker stalls to try out their recommended food.

On the last day of 2017, I spent the whole day at HIN BUS. I think this was my my highlight spot in Penang. Hin Bus was an old bus depot, but now is a spot for art exhibitions. The place also has permanent art and installation and … Weekend Market! Yesssss! You know I always love weekend market, don’t you?! I really enjoyed the vibe so much! If you came to Penang on the weekend – do not miss this lovely place!

‘My Jouney By Bus’ was the exhibition that up that time. It was about a guy who traveled the country with a Bus.

I was so excited when I entered the market. Since 2018 is the year of dog, I bought my self a souvenir a stone with dog drawing on it. Hopefully it brings luck and love this year 🙂

I also joined the clay bus workshop! My first time drawing the clay.. was fun!
IMG_1417 IMG_1449

One of the Food stall at Hin Bus. Wasn’t it awesome?

Anybody of you questioning how was the new year eve in Penang?

To my surprise, it was not as rousing as I imagined. The crowd on the main street was just very normal. I guess people were gathering on the harbour to watch the fireworks. While I much preferred to spend the night at my hotel room, feeling exhausted from the whole sunny day out at Hin Bus. Not excited to catch any fireworks at all. LoL

Fortunately, the hotel I stayed in located just next to the tallest building in Penang – where another fireworks was set up. So… this was pretty much my view from hotel window. Well…. HELLO 2018!