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I never wanted to make my own website as a home to my travel lust, until this best friend of mine, ensure me to do so. And…after a cool negotiation with the super cooperative web designer, Jolsvy, who also happened to be my good friend, in less than 3 months, I can proudly present to you all…  *drum-roll*
*your standing ovation will be so much appreciated* 😀

This crib meant to be my travel diary, just like my former objective to my previous blog. I’m not good in memorizing, that’s why I need a blog to remind me every moments on every travel I did! I’ll put hashtag #TravelDiary for a complete version of my travel stories, if you didn’t feel to read the complete version, I’ll make different post to highlight some special events -which I’m sure you’ll be more glad to enjoy!

Anyway, I’m still trying hard to make this crib looks simple and compact, if you have any suggestion in layout, menu, color, etc…

Please..feel free to tell me. 🙂