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That Pretty Coastal Town in Italy : Positano


It was kinda hard to choose between Positano or Cinque Terre. Both has same type of town, but through the research I did on google and as my intuition spoke, I finally opted for Positano.

Positano is a cliff side village on Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. A pretty town where you can find pastel colorful houses piled on top of each other, steep streets and steps lined with cute shops, hotels or restaurants, also a pebble beach facing Tyrrhenian Sea.

How to Get There?

I took train from Rome to Naples with TrenItalia, then hopped on Circumvesuviana Train from Naples to Sorrento, continued with SITA bus from Sorrento to Positano.

Please note that Circumvesuviana Train only can be found in Garibaldi Station, not Napoli Centrale. The good news is, both of the station are connected, they lies just next to each other. I’m not sure if the ticket available online, but I bought it in the locket in Garibaldi, cost 4,5 Euro. I don’t think you’ll run out the ticket though. Ah ya, Circumvesuviana serves many routes, so please pay attention before get on the train, make sure that it is the right train to Sorrento. Just for your information, this local train seems a lil bit dodgy. During my trip, I saw group of young man fighting on the train, and I also heard stories of pickpocket targetting for tourist too. So please, please, please be more careful.

In about 2 hours, I finally arrived in Sorrento station. Then I asked around where to get SITA bus to Positano, apparently the bus stop is just right in front of the station. Bus ticket can be purchased in a small shop in the station (Tabbachi).

Where to Stay?

I tell you what. Hotel in Positano is bloody expensive! That’s why many people choose to stay in Sorrento.
But, luckily – I got a good offer in one of booking portal. It was Pensione Casa Guardano. Pensione is a term for boarding house in Italia, usually run by a family. The Pensione surprisingly really clean and each room got a balcony. And damn, I fell in love with their tiles!


I will always remember my struggle to get to this Pensione. I brought 15 kg bag attached to my body while going down to the narrow and hundreds of steep steps. On the next day, I had to hike up with the same weight! Geezzz!

But, the breakfast they offered has paid it. Bunch of super mama-mia Italian Pastry perfectly linger in my mouth while enjoying the ocean and city view from dining terrace. Oh so happy I found this place!


What to Do?

Just go for a random walk through it’s narrow street and steps, you’ll definitely love the place! Positano is very small, you only need few hours to explore the city and shops.

And don’t forget to get lazy on the beach! It was cold and a bit windy but the sun shining very warm on that day, couldn’t help myself not to fall asleep.