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As you know, I came back from my career break on September 2016. Feeling incredibly fresh and couldn’t wait to get back to my so-called career life. I enjoyed my gap time traveling to Europe and a part of Indonesia I’d never got a chance to explore. Then I smoothly landed for a job in mid December 2016.

People might think I’m lucky. Maybe yes, but I had planned for this even before I took a break on September 2015. I am not that kind of person who’s totally not giving a shit about my future. I’d like to make plans about it. It was a bit gambling, but I was confident to quit my job then went to Australia chasing for life experiences. Because somehow I knew how it works in the industry I’ve worked for. Experience is the key. That’s why I believed there would be always a chance to come back to this field especially when I already have 5 years of experience. So yes, I have a safety net. However, I was fully open for any new opportunity that struck me in the middle. But by leaving my former job, made me realise how I actually loved it and wanted to come back.

Perfect timing. Quarter 4 is the best time to look for a new job, which made me in a perfect timing. Right after I completed my Europe trip, I had a week full of interviews for the job I didn’t apply for. The employer contacted me through LinkedIn (Thanks to whoever invented this stuff – it made my life so much easier!). All of them came to me almost at the same time (I wonder why!)  Until I finally settled with the one that give me even better opportunity than my previous role and way much better pay. I was excited and worried at the same time because I knew this year would be challenging, especially when I had this one year gap in my career.

I’m so thankful that I got the best support system I could ask for. My superiors, partner, subordinate, client, are all awesome. It needs a lot of hard work and struggle but still in the manageable terms. And I enjoyed every single process of it. I am glad to come back to my career ladder which bring me to the right track of what I want in life.

2017 is the another year where I could prove myself and push myself to be a better person. There are some high and low going on, but this is life, right?

Travel wise, busy work did not weigh my travel list down. Sometimes it required a super-last minute arrival at the airport due to unavoidable amount of work on that day, or sleepless night on the plane for kicking up deadlines during my leave. But hey, I had fun! I managed to visit a long lost destination, Laos, Weh Island in Aceh, birthday getaway in Bali, weekend getaway in Singapore, a beautiful Autumn trip to Japan, and a well spent end of year in Penang

Another achievement this year goes to I am back reading books! Thanks to someone who always encouraging me digging new knowledge. I’ve finished 8 books, and I am so proud of that.

As well, I tried to learn new language. I don’t know whether it will be useful in the future. But, lets say this is the other way to challenge myself. I would want to know how far I can go with this new stuff. Somehow, I found people who speak in more than 2 language is cool!

I don’t know whats gonna turns up in 2018. More challenges at work I believe – since I will manage even bigger team and more accounts! more experiences, more new things, more books. Looking forward!