In the last 3 years, I spent my NYE at home, yep just at home. Watching count-down on TV, hangin out at the house roof top to enjoy 360 degrees fireworks in my neighborhood, then going to sleep precisely half an hour after the official new year. Kinda lost my appetite to celebrate it outside, ya know. Noooo, it has nothing to do with getting old and no longer interested in any NYE hubbub again. I think it mostly because I had done things on NYE and I just don’t wanna repeat the same thing over and over again. I need something new and ultimate. Since I knew I will live in Australia for a while, I gotta do something that I can’t do or found in Indonesia.

For almost the whole of my life, On every 1st of January, as soon I wake up and turn on the TV, I always get mesmerized by the highlight of NYE fireworks across the world, Where Sydney, Dubai, New York, London, and Paris always get in the spotlight. Their art carve on the night sky through fireworks are truly extravagant. So yeah, I made up my mind, I MUST watch fireworks in Sydney Harbour. No negotiation allowed.

I quit my job and decided to move to Sydney from Perth on mid December. Geez! life is so easy in here. I can move around without being hesitate of anything. Such a bliss.

Of course I was not the only one who has such a plan. So many backpackers I met in Western Australia or Melbourne also have same thought as me, heading to east coast at year end and witnessing the ultimate NYE fireworks in Sydney.

So I was not surprised if it’s gonna be super competitive to get the ‘front row seat’ to watch it. Firstly, my friends and I planned to go to Mrs Macquarie Chair where we can see the full frame of both Opera House and Harbour Bridge, yes the biggest fireworks gonna come out from these 2 places. Unfortunately everybody knew it (of course!) and you can tell how scary was the queue to get there. Blah!

On the day, my friend changed the venue to Millers Point, another prime seat located next to the Harbour Bridge. The view will not be as perfect as in the Mrs Macquarie Chair but should be better than the other spot. We came at 7 in the morning hoping to get a good spot. But…again, everybody knew this spot and most of them had already secured their spot on the day before, by building a tent! yes, they were camping for a night even two! Crazy, hey!


We were lucky we still get a super tiny spot in the corner between other people space and the brick wall, enough for 3 people sitting, though actually we needed space for 8 people. LoL! The struggle was not stop there, Sydney weather was a bit cranky on that day, super hot at noon -that made me buy an umbrella to protect my head and became windy in the afternoon. Well that was the price we should pay to get one of the bestest spot in the world on NYE, so we gotta deal with it!



And…17 hours patiently waiting were paid off, by this :

Oh not forget to mention the zombie-apocalypse phase when catching the train to home, thousands of people heading to same station and catch the same train, so there we go…a chaos human traffic in the middle of the night. Finally 2.30 am got into the train…fell asleep, and yep — missed the station where I should get off. LoL!

But all the struggle was hell worth it 🙂