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It has been more than 6 months since I became Sydneysiders. Unfortunately, I haven’t explore Sydney more – yet. Blame on the super busy schedule and limited day off I had! Well, anyway I still could manage to visit some places that turns out become my favourite so far in Sydney!

Bondi Coastal Walk

Bondi Coastal Walk has about 6 km pathways that connected all the coast line from Bondi Beach – Tamarama Beach – Bronte Beach – Clovelly Beach – Coogee Beach. There are a lot of things and views to see along the walk. Cliffs, rock pools, infinity pools, parks, beaches, and even a cemetery! One word to describe it all. Be-a-u-ti-ful!

I randomly invited my housemates to join my sudden desire to have a morning run from Bondi to Coogee. Amongst 7 housemates I had only Gabi, a Colombian and Nang, a Vietnamese happily joined me at that time.

We got there just precisely after the sunrise. It needed us to wake up at 5 (yes, in the morning) and catch a super early train from our house, since we lived in Banksia – 45 mins away from Bondi. And, this was how the sky welcomed us!


We started it out from the pathway near Bondi Iceberg Pool. Just a few steps from there, the view has already won me over. There was a nice natural carve of stones to the right and rock pools to the left, added with flowery grass on the tip of pathways. So lovely!



My second fave pathway here was Waverley Cemetery. I had no idea that I will passed by a cemetery on the walk, I even didn’t realise that it is a cemetery until I walked just a few meters from them. No wonder if they nominated it as the most scenic burial ground in the world. The view up there was just so stunning and the cemetery even makes it more beautiful, really far from creepy!


We spent almost 4 hours to walk up and down the path and finally reach Coogee Beach, longer than it should be (Mind our slow running :p) . We decided to take a rest for a while in Coogee with a bowl of fresh fruits as a compliment for ourselves!


Note : I would suggest to do the walk early in the morning or before sunset time. And get Sydney stunning sky as a bonus!

Watsons Bay

I was on my day off and I felt like going somewhere pretty. I heard about Watsons Bay from 2 of my friends so I decided to pay a visit. Watsons Bay is easy to reach, just need to get a boat from Circular Quay Wharf 4.

Soon after I got off from the boat, to be honest, I didn’t know where to go and what to see. I just remember my friend said that it has a nice lighthouse. But I couldn’t see any lighthouse from the wharf. So I just randomly followed other people walking up to the hill across the wharf, hoping they will go to the lighthouse or any interesting point. Until I saw a direction board, it says The Gap.

The view from The Gap was stunning, it’s a cliff overview Tasman Sea. I spent some time there watching the waves hitting off the reefs, and the birds flying here and there. A nice sight that can make your eyes glued for a while. But I saw something odd in here, there were some ads about a hotline number for those who might have a problem. Somehow, it reminds me of a story of a guy in Sydney who got appreciation because he had helped hundreds of people who wanted to committed suicide in such a cliffs area by engaging them to warm conversation and even inviting them to his house, since he lived nearby. And I realised, that place was The Gap! That’s why it sounds so familiar in my ear.

Yes, The Gap is famous for suicides in Sydney. It says hundreds of suicide has happened in here. But I think I kinda understand why they choose this place to end their lives. The view up there somehow gives a peaceful kind of feeling. Maybe that is the feeling they wanted to feel at the very end of their lives. Maybe.

There is a pathway at The Gap which I believed will lead me to the lighthouse that my friend talked about. But it was almost sunset time, so I’d prefer to walk down back to the pier. I sat myself back relaxing on the chair at the park facing the pier full of yacht. Spent for about 1 hour just watching people around and enjoying the good vibe from them. Families on their picnic mat, couples relaxing after afternoon walk, group of bridesmaid giggling and taking picture on the beach. Another peaceful kind of view that I saw on that day. Make me realise, how good life is in here.

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island lays just in the heart of Sydney Harbour. It is one of World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I heard it used to be the biggest dockyard as well as shipbuilding centre in Sydney.

Bienalle was the event that make me come to this island. To be honest, from what I saw after checkin out the art that spread to every corner of the island, I felt like this island kinda creepy and old and abandoned. It’s really good idea that they use it for many exhibition locations now. So that it can be back alive.

Me and Nunu were about to find a way back to the wharf from the hill in Cockatoo. We just randomly  following the path until we passed a sign board ‘Bar/Cafe’ and heard a noise from inside. We stopped by and checked it out. When we got into the gate, we saw a yard with lots of bean bags facing a view like this!

Wohooo! Can’t believe there’s a hidden gem like this in the island!

Glebe Neighborhood

Most of people has Newtown as their favourite suburb in Sydney, but mine is Glebe. Glebe is a suburb located not far from Central Station. It surrounded by some schools like UTS, Uni of Sydney, TAFE etc. Maybe that’s why the vibe is vibrant and pleasant. Since I still have school-age kind of mind :p

You know, sometimes there are places that makes you happy without any specific reason. That’s what I feel everytime I wander around Glebe Streets. The shops, the people, the environment just very connected to me.

Saturday is the perfect day to come over this area. Why? Because…. there is a legend weekend market in Glebe Public School. It’s open from 10 am – 4 pm. Note : Only on Saturday! I always like to come here though I don’t have something to buy. Just looking around the stalls, sometimes they have a really nice stuff with a very good price! So, keep an eye on it! Or just sitting on the lawn listening to live music. A really good place to have a day out, indeed.

Have I mentioned that I also have my fave coffee shop in here? It lays just across the Glebe Market, there is this vintage book shop with a hidden coffee shop behind. I like to spend time here for blogging, reading or catching up with friends.


Circular Quay & The Rock

Who doesn’t love these area?

And how lucky I am, it also become the area where I work at. Every time I feel tired of going to work, I always try to be grateful. At least I’m one of the lucky people who can see the beauty of Opera House and Harbour Bridge on my the way to work every single day!! Such a privilege, right!

But, my fave spot is… a lawn just under the Harbour Bridge. A place where I often take a nap after work! Hahaha! Probably this gonna be what I miss the most when I leave Sydney – taking nap under the (sexy) bridge.

While my fave spot at The Rock, is not it’s shopping centre. But the upper neighborhood just nearby Observatory Park. Like Windmill Street, Argyle St, Argyle Pl, Tower Fort St, and surrounding. Ohh.. so good! The old colonial houses are very nice and cool. It feels like taken back to 60’s era just strolling around this area. Love it!