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A movie-like Christmas in New York!


I personally don’t celebrate christmas, but I have heard a lot that New York is one of the best place to experience it which I had to agree. The city was full of mind-blowing christmas decoration both inside and outside the buildings, the holiday vibes were so obvious since tons ...

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#OnceUponATime : That Cute Iranian Boy


I was walking fast from Town Hall station heading to a restaurant in George St. When I crossed the street, a guy¬†approaching and walking next to me. Him : Hey hello… Me : *Ignore Him : I know I look creepy, but I swear I wont do any harm. I ...

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My First Sleeper Train : Chiang Mai to Bangkok


Last month, I had a work conference in Bangkok for a few couple of days. As an opportunist employee slash longing-for-getaway traveler (Just so you know, I haven’t been to anywhere this year and it makes me crazy!), I took a couple of days of leave before my conference date. ...

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