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New Chapter of Life – #WHV Australia


Starting a new life is actually not as complicated as I was thinking at first. Yes, it needs several adjustments, but as long as you are ready, you will easily get used to it. Besides, there are a lot of nice people out there that will open their hands for ...

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Do I Deserve a Career Break?


I was once very depressed. I lose my appetite for work. I hate my routines. I would give anything to be in an island and selling ice cream rather than on my desk, working on a recommendation deck. Question. What and Where I see myself in the next year? Hmmm, ...

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Welcome to My New Crib!

I never wanted to make my own website as a home to my travel lust, until this best friend of mine, ensure me to do so. And…after a cool negotiation with the super cooperative web designer, Jolsvy, who also happened to be my good friend, in less than 3 months, ...

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#Budget&Itinerary – Maldives!


Sepulang dari Maldives, berjuta-juta orang (iya, lebay!) nanya pertanyaan serupa, sampe ada beberapa teman yang lama telah hilang muncul kembali cuma untuk nanya : 1. Emang di Maldives ada bandara? *eaaaa!* –> sesungguhnya ini pertanyaan paling aneh dan anehnya lagi paling banyak yang nanya!!! Manteman, Maldives gak sepurba itu juga ...

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