I was walking fast from Town Hall station heading to a restaurant in George St.
When I crossed the street, a guy approaching and walking next to me.

Him : Hey hello…

Me : *Ignore

Him : I know I look creepy, but I swear I wont do any harm. I just want to know you.

Me : *Ignore

I keep walking and he followed around

Him : I was watching you and I think I like you, so I decided to come to you. I might not have a chance to see you again, so yeah why don’t I give it a shot. I am xxx. Whats your name?

Me : Sorry, I have to go. My friends are waiting.

Him : Really? I don’t see your friends around.

Me : Of course, they are waiting in the restaurant.

Him : Ah I see. So, Can I have your name?

I stopped. And have a look at him.
*Darn he’s cute* He got a thick eyebrows and beautiful eyes.

Me : Okay, my name is Mita. But, sorry I have to go. I’m running late

Him : Mita, nice to meet you. Could you please give some minutes to talk. You’re late anyway

I walked again, until he stepped on my way.

Me : Hey, I’m already 30 mins late.

Him : Then it will make no difference to your friend if you’re late for another 5 mins to talk to me *Smile*

Me : What do you want??

Him : Since you’re meeting your friend. Can I have your number? so I can contact you later

Me : I’m sorry. I dont share my number to stranger. What is it do you want?

Him : I just wanna know you. Please don’t get frightened. Like I said, I’m interested in you. You are cute

Me : huh? thank you. Please find another girl to talk to. I really need to go

Him : Haha! But they’re none like you. Hey look. Whats your plan tomorrow? Can I meet you again? what about we spend a day together from breakfast to dinner?

*this dude really has a ball!* 

Me : Unfortunately I’ll be busy tomorrow. So I can’t, sorry. Can I go now?

Him : What about the day after tomorrow?

Me : Can’t. I have flight to catch tomorrow, and I won’t back to Sydney

Him : Haha. I dont believe you. Come on? just one day – if then you feel uncomfortable, you can just leave. What do you think?

Me : Well. Unfortunately again. I’m not lying.. My visa is over soon, I need to go back to my home country. I guess we meet in a wrong time. But its good to know you. So, see you later?

Him  : Shoot, really?! I wont stand a chance?

Me : Sorry but Nope.

Him : That’s too bad. I really want to get to know you. You’re cute. Anyway, thank you for your 5 mins.

He shook my hand. and let me go.

Him : Say hi! to your friends for me

Me : Sure *smile and walk away*