Starting a new life is actually not as complicated as I was thinking at first. Yes, it needs several adjustments, but as long as you are ready, you will easily get used to it. Besides, there are a lot of nice people out there that will open their hands for you to help. Trust me.

So, now I live at shared house in East Victoria Park Suburb. A nice place to live in, just 10 minutes away from the city by train, and it is awesomely situated nearby Carlisle train station, 10 mins from Coles Dept Store and Albany Highway, the hippest street that connecting all the suburb in South Perth, I guess. Housemates mostly are Australian, and they are, surprisingly, very nice.


How could I carry on to settle my new life, in financial wise? Well. I’m not that rich. I only brought less than half of my fortune to start my life in here. So that I have the urge to EARN in order to carry on. Job hunting has never been easy. In the first 6 days, I spent most of my time scrolling gumtree.com and went down the road to spread out resume. On my 6th day, I got a job.

But living in Australia is expensive! Sorry guys, I don’t really agree about that. Have you ever heard that living in Australia is actually not that expensive, if you earn Australian dollar? That is not a myth. And the ugly truth is… I spent more lots of money back in Jakarta compared to here. Yeah, mostly because I don’t really go to malls, cafe or fancy restaurant, even on the weekend. I’d prefer to spend it in a park or beach instead, or maybe exploring other suburbs, or attending hype events or festivals in the city. Australia always has loads of events, and most of them are free.


Then again, now I cook! Thanks to Youtube for all the brilliant cooking tutorial. It trained me well to be a real woman -who cook. Haha! And it makes my Aussie living becomes way cheaper too. 🙂

And the other good news is, since I can earn and save a lot more in here, hence I  can have heaps of savings for VACAY! Yeay!

Is that easy to make new friends? Humm, Australia is packed of traveler from all over the world, even from my country. They all mostly have the same purpose to come here, to have new adventure of life. And I believe that they will be as keen as you to make new friends, so all you have to do is just be open minded and be good to people.

I could say that I’m satisfied enough of this change in my life. I have new environment, new friends, new habit, new things to see, and everything is totally new! I now feel the excitement to wake up in the morning, and smell the roses of Australia. Cheers!