The West Village New York usually defined from Hudson River up to Washington Square Park. It is known as little bohemian because of its edgy, colourful, artistic and alternative culture. A place where small press, art galleries and experimental theatre were born and thrived in early 1900s. On another note, this was the only area in New York City that made me fall in love with.



Even though it lies only 10 mins away from Manhattan (without traffic), but West Village has a clearly different ambience than the hustle bustle of Manhattan. The atmosphere is way more laid back with many cozy restaurants or cafes found across the area. Indeed, such a perfect area to live at – no wonder if many celebrities live here.

That was on New Year’s eve, I stayed at the most expensive hotel ever in my life. – yet in contrast, the most affordable one that left near the heart of New York City, the West Village. The hotel name was The Marlton, it located in 8th St just at the southeast corner of Greenwich Avenue.  The first step I got into the hotel the lobby was like somebody’s living room circa 1960s. Warm light, dark woodwork, and antique furnishings – a very Audrey Hepburn kind of place. I’d say it was super homey – considered I was lucky to experience the old version of New York in this hotel.


What to do around?

The Washington Square Park! this park located just a stone throw away from my hotel, The Marlton. I remember I came there in the morning of January 1st 2019. There was a piano guy playing Karma Police – Radiohead facing the arch that stands at the main entrance of the park. All the people got stunned watching his performance, while many kids and family were hanging around the park. I was totally moved by the moment, that morning was so beautiful I wanted to cry. What a view to start the year!


Just keep strolling and wandering around in the village. Almost all of the streets in West Village were picturesque, you’ll find many adorable spot spoiling your sight and you might ended up holding your feet not to get in to every cute-look cozy cafes you passed by.

Since it was still around christmas time, many of the restaurants still have the decorations. Making the neighborhood even more magnetic

Being the most charming area in New York City, West Village became a home to our lovely fiction character Monica and Rachel ‘Friends’ as well as Carrie Bradshaw ‘Sex and the City’. Apparently they lived just few blocks to each other. Mon and Rach ‘used to live’ in Bedford Street while Carrie, before moving in with Mr Big, ‘lived’ inPerry St.

As their huge fan, visiting their apartment set definitely was on my list.

Just outside of Rach and Mon’s Apartment

Other interesting spot that can be visited in the area is The High Line and Chelsea Market. I know – I know! Chelsea Market is actually not a part of West Village, but it nestled just few blocks from the West Village northern most area. So, I think it’s fine to include it since it still walking distance and very convenient to reach through the High Line.

Chelsea Market is actually a mall-kinda building with many food counters and retail outlets inside. The industrial design of the building is what makes it unique and special and I super enjoyed my time there. Everything was just overwhelmingly cool! Had my lunch in the market, trying the #1 tacos in New York and it was amazing!



While the High Line is an elevated park that stretched from Gansevoort St – West Village to 34th St. Chelsea. It is known as the most unique park in NYC that offers a comfortable way to enjoy NYC skyline while walking along it’s greenery and outdoor art installations. It also has many lookout to Manhattan skyline that you’ll never get bored to enjoy

Popular lookout at the High Line

Actually, West Village also have many art galleries that unfortunately I did not manage to pay a visit. I only stayed in the neighborhood for one night which I wish I could stay there for my entire New York trip. I spent most of my stays in the hotel in Midtown Manhattan that has fantastic location but did not give any spark to me – If you know what I meant. So, if you have New York on your travel list, please consider to stay around here and thank me later 🙂