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Have you heard the quotes saying :
“If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls”

I totally agreed with it. I believe most of the people are with me too. Prague has something magnetic that makes you easily fall in love with the city. I feel like the city was meant to be special – I mean like, the castle, the river, the bridge, the old town – they all are perfectly built next to each other – it’s truly a gem. Do you remember how the castle and everything drawn in the fairy tale book? That’s how Prague like..

Here I got 5 things I fancy in Prague :

The Old Towns
There are 2 areas that considered as the old town of Prague – Castle District (Hradčany) and the Old Town (Staré Město). Both offers a very nice atmosphere that hard not to enjoy. The Old Town is the one with a piazza where you can see the famous astronomical clock and Tyn Cathedral. While Castle District is the one just down to the castle. Both location are walking distance from each other.

I started the first day’s exploration to the Old Town first which luckily just about 5 mins walk from my Airbnb. I’ve got to see the astronomical clock as well as the beautiful Tyn Cathedral. Another interesting spot to check is the Jewish Quarter known as Josefov.


While the old town of Castle District was the heaven of uber cute shops and restaurants like this :



When I was walking around, I overheard a tour guide showing off ‘the world’s narrowest alley’ to his group. I stopped by and snapped it quickly. Yes, the alley even got a its own traffic light! So cute!


Prague Castle
Perfectly located on the top of the town yet still walk-able from the old town. The castle complex itself very big and every single corner worth to visit!


If you found yourself exhausted after doing some walk – treat yourself a coffee with a five star view overlooking Prague city from the top. My suggestion goes to Starbucks!


or… Coffee in Garden that lies on the other side of the castle :


Charles Bridge!
This gorgeous bridge crosses Vltava river, connecting the old town and Prague Castle. I’d say this is the most gorgeous and gothic bridge I’ve been to. I super love the statues along the bridge as well as the enchanting tower bridge that pretentiously stands on the bridge mouth.




The Transportation
Prague has a very convenient and tourist friendly transportation. When I took a bus from the airport, there was this indicator inside the bus that automatically stated where we were, and what stop will be the next. It helps a lot! Especially for tourist like me!

Not every city in Europe has tram as their public transportation like in Prague, made the city much more classic and gorgeous – in my point of view.

To top of it all, their train station was also very artistic. Compared to train stations in France and Italy which looks – you know – dodgy. And as I mentioned earlier, in Prague, the fare is super cheap too! I bought bus ticket in the airport, turned out the fare calculation is time based no matter what kind of transportation we want to use. For instance, I paid 32 CKZ for 90 minutes trip. So, within that 90 minutes, I could use any combination of bus – train – and tram to get myself to my AirBnb from the airport. 32 CKZ equals to 1,2 Euro!! Wohooo!




My Airbnb host was the one who introduce me to Czech food. No, she didn’t cook me one. But she did recommend me what kind of food I shall try, and where to get it. I was very excited to try them one by one, since I never heard the name before. You know, it’s easy to find Italian food anywhere in the world, but Czech food? I don’t think I could find it in Jakarta. So yeah, I tried to manage trying some of them in every eating session while in Prague and I love all of them!

Svickova ; Roast beef in creamy sauce, comes with bread dumplings

Kure na caprice;


Uhh, I wish I could have spent longer in this city!