Last month, I had a work conference in Bangkok for a few couple of days. As an opportunist employee slash longing-for-getaway traveler (Just so you know, I haven’t been to anywhere this year and it makes me crazy!), I took a couple of days of leave before my conference date. So that I have few days to satisfied my travel urge.

I went to Chiang Mai, another big city in the north of Thailand that famous for its old town. The city was quite interesting, especially if you are an avid temple visitor or a weekend market lover.

Anyway. The Highlight! of the trip was not both of them. Though I enjoyed the weekend market very much, but I was beyond excited to go to Bangkok more, because I was gonna ride a sleeper train!

What’s so special about it? It was super special because I haven’t been riding it before. Like ever! 😀
That was my first – ever sleeper train.

I took the 2nd class A/C which cost around THB 881 . When I hopped on to it, I could sense a modern vibe with a perfect cleanliness. Enough to got me WOWed. Since the exterior of the train did not say it.


At first, the seat arrangement was just like a regular train, made me wonder where how could it be a sleeper train. But I remember from what I read in the internet, they will change the seat to a bed later at night after dinner time. So yeah, we’ll see.

The train took off right at 6 pm, allowed me to have a sunset view on the window that I thoroughly enjoyed while reading my book and listening to my fave playlist in Spotify. I don’t know why but my stomach felt tickled – a sign that I was in extremely happy terms. Being on a train ride, somewhere not in my country, with a lovely view of local houses that sometimes turned to beautiful scenery with an orange sky on top of it all – it was just perfect.


When the sky got dark, a train server started to come over, asking what dinner I would like to have. I forgot what I ordered but it tasted alright though a bit pricey. My dinner time was accompanied by a Canadian girl that sat in front of me. She was traveling with her friend, a Canadian guy that sat in the next seat. Just like another conversation with random traveler, we shared about what we do and what we’ve been to, etc. They have traveled around SEA, including Indonesia. And about to head to Cambodia after Bangkok. Traveling solo always made it easier to talk with a stranger. This what I always love about it.

After we finished the dinner, a housekeeping guy came over, did his ‘magic’ to change our seat to a bed arrangement. He worked so fast and looked like he enjoyed it a lot, because he did it while making a dancing move – believe it or not. LoL. Such an entertainment.


I got lower compartment as what I paid for. And it was amazing. Really. Because I got a wonderful window by my tiny bed. It has its own bed lamp and electricity socket – which are the basic necessity. Sleeping equipment was also meet  expectation – a quiet comfy pillow, warm blanket and fresh linens. Oh, every compartment will be covered by a curtain. So yes, you don’t need to feel worry a creepy stranger will staring at you while you’re sleeping.  The upper compartment was cheaper but it seems comfortable enough. Though you’re not going to get any window up there.


So excited to what view I would going to wake up through the window in the next day 🙂