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My Biggest Travel Plan Ever : Christmas and New Year in New York!


Since I was a kid, christmas time in my country means a fun holiday and time to watch cool kids movies on TV. My all time favourite was of course, HOME ALONE – New York edition. I don’t know how many times I have watched it in my entire life, but it surely was the one that put a trigger in my mind to have my own NEW YORK version of Christmas.


A family gone ugly-christmas-sweater kinda thing

Going to New York all the way from my home country definitely need an extra effort. It is as far as 16,000-ish kms which means I have to sit on a flight for almost 24 hours. Not to mention the crazy extra charge of $$$ because it’s the highest season of the year and it’s New York – the grand destination to all people in earth for Christmas holiday.

Therefore I was very well-prepared for the trip. I bought the ticket 9 months in advanced and applied the visa 6 months earlier. I clearly spent 9 months to fix up the itinerary – on and off. This going to be my biggest and furthest trip in my life – ever. And.. just like it was stated in my destiny, everything went pretty well at the preparation. US Visa – which known as the scariest visa to be gotten, only took me 3 minutes interview to get it.

To imagine how well-prepared I was, I made a spotify playlist called NY – Christmas. The songs are varied from classic christmas song to … of course, the Empire State of Mind. To top it all off, I even watch the whole season of Gossip Girl to find interesting places that might spotted on the show. Not only that, I also re-watch many movies that took place in the Big Apple. Yes, I was that obsessed. LoL

After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to spend 8 days in the city and other 4 days in Boston and Vermont.

Why Boston? Because I wanted to go to Vermont for Snowmobiling. And Boston happened to be in between New York and Vermont, so a short visit would not hurt. And why do I wanted to do Snowmobiling? Because I am just a human that thirst of new experiences! *smirk. Plus, I wanted to get to know this country by visiting its countryside. Fair enough, no?

I know, 8 days in New York would not enough to conquer the whole city. New York is very big I might need 2 weeks to explore it. But again, back to the reason above. So my itinerary narrowed down to things I matter most :

The landmark 
Just like any other first-timer  – Central Park, Empire state building, Liberty Statue, 911 monument, Brooklyn bridge, Times Square, The Wallstreet, Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller Centre. All checked and done! I am a proud New York tourist!

The Brooklyn Bridge

Christmas thingy
Those skating rings, giant christmas tree, christmas sale, massively decorated christmas bar, Dyker Heights.



The market 
I love pop-up market so much, so top 3 christmas market are on the list. + Chelsea Market which turned out to be my happy place in New York! They got bunch of great food you would never mind to stuck in queue to get them



The movies
I love FRIENDS and SATC – and umm Gossip Girl? You know where I am heading : The West Village! and The Upper East Side!


The architecture
Guggenheim, The Oculus, New York by Gehry, Flatiron building. All of ’em were amazing! Although, I demand to see more cool building. Come on, this is New York! Gimme more! (Later I realised that I missed The Vessel – a very cool building in Hudson area.. shoot!)

The food 
That infamous $1 pizza, Bagels, ShakeShack burger, and the classic New York City Halal Guys! *Droolsssss

The shopping spree 
That time of the year where everything would be on super sale. I was up for all the shops in Manhattan and Soho for sure


The museum
No a fan of them – but hey its New York! Home to many cool museum. I’ll give it a shot to MoMA. Turns out, it was the best decision I’ve made. I actually got a bit regret cause I only allocated 3 hours in MoMa. There were so many things to see but they closed so soon in the holiday season :(

The performance
Never really into musical – but come on. I gotta try once, the original broadway in its home country!


And finally that ultimate question.
Watching ball drop in Times Square was definitely on my mind, but I’ll tell you later where I’d gone 😀