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Western Australia, especially in the city like Perth is considered as affordable place to live in Australia. It offers good wage with cheaper expense compared to other big cities. That’s why I chose this city as the gate of my journey in Australia.

Shared House
I’d prefer to live in the shared house for long term stay. It’s more like ‘kos-kosan’ in bahasa, where a house consist of rooms, and people could rent the rooms with shared facilities (living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc). Rate of a shared house in Perth are vary. The average cost for a good house usually started from AUD 100 – 200 per-week. and bills are about AUD 30-50 per-month.

It depends on how mobile you are. On average, I spent AUD 6 for round trip everyday. so it’s gonna be AUD 45 per-week.

Mobile Phone
AUD 40 per month, converted in a week will be AUD 10. Please note that I’m using Telstra with 4 GB data package.

You should be a bit tricky about it, if not, it will definitely squeeze your money a lot! Hence, I cook everyday and I use to spend AUD 35-40 for groceries shopping every week. With that amount I can buy chicken, meat, rice, fruit, milk, bread, etc. Cheap? Indeed!!
Sometimes if I have to eat outside, each meal will cost AUD 12 -17. Say that in a week I’ll have 2-3x eat outside. so its gonna be AUD 50. If you wanna save a lot, do not eat in the restaurant!! that’s rule #1.

So my weekly expense range is about AUD 270 – 330
That is totally fair enough because I could earn more than double of that cost in a week 🙂