As the first European city I visited, Paris exceed my expectation as a Paris that I’ve always imagined though the city has been overexposed that makes the whole things pretty anti-climactic. The only gasp-ing moment I had in Paris was, when I climbed up the street to Sacre Coeur in the almost sunset time. From up there, I could see the city bathing with orange-ish sunshine, made the whole color of the city turn to broken white. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

How to spend 1 day in Paris

I’m not really into big cities and I’m not into museum either. That’s why I only set about one day and a half in Paris. I just need to see what I wanted to see. Paris has lots of things to offer – no doubt. Hence I had to choose only several places due to limited time.

Musee d’Louvre – a home for the infamous Mona Lisa painting, which also known for it’s landmark of Pei’s glass Pyramid.


Musee d’Orsay – I didn’t go inside, but it located just walking distance from Louvre, so I decided to have a look. The walking from Louvre to Orsay was very pleasant, passing by Jardin des Tuileries (where you can see fountains, bunch of sculptures, mazy garden,  massive victorian building, as well as Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel) and crossing the bridge of Seine River. Lovely!


River Seine – I think every city should have a river like Paris has Seine, where people can just walk along the bank, or spending time on it’s bridge overviewing the river while having an ice cream. Miss that moment, though!


Notre Dame – So here is the real Notre Dame. One of the finest French gothic architecture, and is among the largest and most well known cathedral in the world.

NotreDame from Behind – I liked it better than from the front

Centre Georges Pompidou – named after George Pompidou, a previous president in France. This building is a heaven for art and literature exhibition in Paris. The modern of architecture, makes the building look very different from the common perception of buildings in Paris. I was thinking that this building still under renovation, turns out it’s just the way it is. Lol!


Eiffel Tower – I would recommend to visit Eiffel both 0n the day and night time. Though Eiffel on the night time will look more sophisticated, while on the day time it looks more innocent. There are best spots to watch Eiffel, one of them is Trocadero.

Enjoying Eiffel at night
Taken From Trocadero


Arc d’Triomphe – built to honour for those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleon wars. Also, beneath its vault lies the tomb of unknown soldier from World War I. Best spot to take a picture : traffic light pavement!


Sacre Coeur – a beautiful Romanian church that lies in the highest point of the city. If you want to see Paris from above, here is the perfect place to see it!

Sacre Coeur - Paris

Where is the best place to stay in Paris?

I stayed in Montmartre, and I liked it there. The area was very dynamic, a lot of shops, restaurants, a very pleasant neighbourhood to wander around. The location also very fantastic, nearby Sacre coeur, accessible from Gare Du Nord, and just a bus away from Eiffel Tower (no. 50!).  Louvre also can be reached by 20 mins walking, which I did. Well any place is accessible by metro or RER from Montremartre, but I’d prefer to explore city by walking or bus, unless I was in a hurry.

Where to stay in Paris : Montmartre

Food to try in Paris

I don’t know much about French food, but having a Parisian breakfast in the Brasserie would be a good idea to start the day. I don’t know if it’s just me but the croissant was just so good, crunchy outside and very soft inside. Crepes also perfect when you have a break from walking around the city.

Mandatory Breakfast in Paris

My French friend has recommend me to try Foei Gras, which I did in one of the hottest spot in Paris and I swear I didn’t have any idea what it is. I just ordered and ate it, and it was really good. Later I realized that it was made from a liver of duck or goose that fattened – which I  had watched the cruel video about it once long time ago. I feel like regretting it now. Oh, sorry Goose, I didn’t know 🙁

How to get around?

A bundle of 10 t+ ticket named carnet was the best deal at that time. And it only cost 14 Euro per 10 tickets. The ticket can be used either for metro, RER or bus! while if you buy single ticket, it will cost 1,90 Euro each. Please refer to this page for transportation ticket in Paris

All of these I did for 1 Day and a Half in Paris before heading south of France, the place that I could not wait to visit in France!