My friend was really curious why did I want to allocate 2 nights in Udaipur and why did we even go to Udaipur instead of staying in Jaipur longer.
I simply answer, I wanted to find peace and serenity. I heard its a peaceful city that has a bunch of lake – and somehow I picture myself I wanted to do yoga by the lake, wandering around and drinking chai without feeling the need to get rush at all.

We arrived in Udaipur early in the morning – so early that we had to wake up the hotel staff haha. I am sorry guys, but these girls desperately need a bed to crash on after an overnight train trip last night. Well, we were hoping we got a chance to get an early check-in. Turned out no vacant room was available, so we had to wait until the other guest check-out later. Luckily, the hotel staff allowed us to wait in the restaurant at the roof top of the hotel which apparently was the perfect place to wait.

I didn’t mind to wait until noon if I got a privilege view like this. The landscape from the top was so good, and totally exceed my expectation from a lake city. I could even spot the lake from there with morning sun shone over the town. 

After about 3 hours getting spoiled by the view, I came down to the lobby to check whether the room was ready. Unfortunately they still need more time to clean, but at the end they decided to give us the other vacant room with a view instead, with no additional charge! So happy since the room that we booked supposedly does not come with the window. Well oh well! who’s the lucky girl?!

After having a relaxing hot shower and a bit of nap, we took a walk around the town, had a lake-side lunch and visited a random semi-neglected museum the located just by the lake.

It was a slow day and no rush at all. We headed back to the hotel in the afternoon, took another nap. And went up to there rooftop to enjoy the most favourite time of the day – sun down time. The sunset over the city and the lake was beyond my expectation, I had a really good time. 

Then around 7 pm we headed down the street going back to the museum we visited earlier to see the local performances.

On the next day, I started the day early heading to another side of town just across the river, to have a sunrise yoga by the lake. The Yoga teacher, Seethu was such an amazing person and full of inspiration, I am really glad I met her! Our yoga session ended with a very relaxing meditation just under the Rudhaksa Tree. A simple thing but astonishingly peaceful. If you are in Udaipur and looked for a Yoga session, just contact her through a number in the picture below.

We went back to the hotel to have a shower and breakfast then spent time relaxing at the rooftop.

Later at noon I decided to go out to try out Ayuverdic Massage while my friend had to stay at the hotel since she was not feeling good. Haven’t I mentioned that I am a big fan of massage? Experience massage around the world was kinda on my list, and I knew that India is famous for its Ayuverdic type of massage – I know I had to try this out

Turns out, it did not really satisfy me. I meant, there’s no different technique of massage as I was expected. They are just using some oil herbs which I didn’t find any difference either with regular massage. It did not have special scent or direct effect to my skin. What made it unique was there were 2 girls took care of me, one of them rubbing my upper body, the other one rubbing the lower part. Was that some kind of treating a Queen? or they just want to get things done faster? Not sure either.

I explored the city a little bit. Had a very good local chai that cost so cheap yet chai was super good. Then took a detour to check out their local market

My friend joined in the middle and we were off to the City Palace. One of the largest Palace that built in Rajhastan era. The complex was so huge, it consist of many sections that every visitor has to pass through like a maze. My favourite part was the garden palace where the royal banquet or royal events usually took place. My second favourite, was the Queen Palace (Zenana Mahal). The interior was super fascinating.

Before going back to the hotel, we visited a nail art shop to get our nail painted. Honestly I have never done this before simply because my nail shape is square and so tiny, it doesn’t look good for any nail art. But gotta try it because it was just too cute. Look at this!

An then we headed back to the hotel, took another shower and had room service for dinner. We were about to go back to Jaipur later on midnight with an overnight bus to get the flight to Agra in the next morning.

The funny thing was :
We booked the bus online but we were not sure where to wait for the bus. The ticket did not say any terminal, it only has an address and a phone number. My Uber Driver kindly offered to help asking the bus operator through phone to ask where exactly we had to wait for the bus. And apparently we had to wait the bus on the side of the road by intersection.

If there were bus that pass through, we need to see whether the license plate of the bus matched with the number on our ticket. If it matched, we had to wave our hand to make them stop. LoL! what a conventional way to get a bus. To make it more funny, it was close to midnight while me and my friend were the only people left on the road side. No one was there anymore.

To be honest I was a bit scared since many people have warned me about India being unsafe for girls to travel on their own. But! We succeed to find the right bus amid the challenges. Wohooho! So proud of ourselves.

Inside the overnight bus

So yeah, that was how exactly I wanted to spend my time in Udaipur. No rush, take it easy to find peace. Thank you Udaipur, I had a great time.