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30th of September 2015 was the date when I first arrived in Perth. I remember Nataya took me to the city centre on my first day to run some errands, then had our lunch box at central park. That was such a lovely day and I was so excited welcoming my new life.

I spent my first days of the week going here and there to find a job. Till I finally got one on day 6.

Unfortunately I had to leave Perth on week-2 due to the new job offer in Northcliffe, a small town 7 hours down to Perth. The job settled me for 2 months. I quit at the end of November because I had concert to attend in Perth. Easy life, huh?

That was the first concert ever in my life – Sam Smith’s. Concert has never been my point of interest, but this year supposed to be the year of enriching life experiences. So why not!


Then I spent 2 weeks just hanging around Perth, exploring the city, its beaches, suburbs, and parks. I literally went to parks everyday. One of the most popular and the biggest named King’s Park.

King’s Park
Another spot of King’s Park

But, I faved Harold Boas Garden more. The park is very tiny yet very pretty. I remember I spent the whole day sitting at the park – learning something on the book.

Harold Boas Garden

Another park to consider was Queen’s Park. Though apparently the Queen is not as massive as the King.

Queen’s Park


The famous boatshed


Petite Church in the city
Cottesloe Beach
And my most fave beach! Scarborough!

We also managed to visit the most hype event at that time, Perth Royal Show!

Perth Royal Show

I was no longer looking for job, because we are moving really soon!! Yes, we had been planning to live in Perth for just 3 months and should have moved to Sydney before New Year for the sake of watching the majestic fireworks.

We also threw a leaving party before we left, inviting all friends that we met during the past 2,5 months. Another thing that I loved from Aussie was, they provide free BBQ installation in almost any park.

So this what we had, BBQ party on a sunday afternoon in Kings Park. With the help of many friends, we could secure a spot in a busy weekend park. Yay!





Thanks guys for coming! See you someday – somewhere!

On mid December, we officially left Perth, chasing for the next adventure. Cheers to these beautiful people who sent us to the airport at midnight! Thank you for all the hang outs, parties, and heaps of moment. You guys awwwwwesome!!


It’s crazy if looked back it was just nearly 3 months, yet I had done many things, gone many places, met many people! This certainly the life that I have always wanted! Looking forward to more and more!!
So long Perth, you were perfect to me 🙂