I had one day to spend in Munich but I don’t know why I didn’t feel like exploring the city. Instead, I took my friend’s recommendation to check on Neuschwanstein Castle, that located only a couple of hours from Munich.

To be bluntly honest, I never fancy a castle. Until I read this article about King Ludwig II, the man behind the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. He was known as the Mad King of Bavaria who has big interest in art, music, and architecture. After ascended Bavarian throne in 1864, unlike other ruler, he preferred to consume his time for his creative projects rather than attending public functions or social events. Yep, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of his day-dreaming project that became controversial due to its immensely huge investment required to make it erected.

King Ludwig II was also known for his handsome appearance, he was once engaged to Sisi’s youngest sister, but he broke the engagement off because of his sexual orientation. However Ludwig and Sisi remained close as they shared same passions toward poems and eccentric free lifestyle despite born and raised as a monarch.

As a big fan of great architecture and at that time I was crazy over Sisi’s life (Thanks to The Empress – Netflix), so yeah, visiting this castle is a big YES. I wanted to witness his energy, passion and fantasy through this swanky castle.

To get to the castle, you need to take a bus from Fussen train station to Schwangau, where the castle is located. And then get off at Neuschwanstein Castle stop, from there you can walk up the mountain for approximately 30 mins to 1 hour walk. Or, you can take that horse carriage like in the picture above for €6.

Actually, the spot to take the best angle of the castle is called Marienbücke, a bridge that spans above the canyon on the opposite of the castle. Unfortunately the bridge was under construction when I was there. I managed to go to some of the lookout that also give a quiet good angle of the castle.
Photo down here was snapped on Youtube video, that I think can do justice how magnificent King Ludwig’s imagination was.

Fun Fact : Did you know that Sleeping Beauty castle was originally inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle ?

After a half day spent around the castle, we then visited Fussen, a charming Bavarian town that only 10 mins bus ride away from the castle. It was Sunday, almost all the shops were closed hence the town looks rather empty.

As one of the only few tourists around the town, of course I felt like the town is mine. I could freely take pictures in every cute corner without queuing or waiting until somebody off the frame.

I am pretty sure Walt Disney came visit the castle, he was inspired not only by the castle but also by the charming neighborhood of Fussen too. I mean, look at this! The houses here are uber-cute makes me feel like in one of Disneyland area.

After some insta-wrothy snap here and there, we decided to enjoy the rest of the afternoon to sip a cup of coffee while waiting for the train schedule back to Munich.
I am glad we decided to come to Fussen instead of staying in the city, it was lovely!