Autumn is my most fave time of all season, followed by spring, summer and at last, winter. At first, I was very skeptical towards Amsterdam. My coming to the city was just for visiting a best friend of mine, Dila. If she didn’t live there, I would most probably skip it – for sure. I don’t know, at that time the image of Netherlands was just not for me, not my type – Not because they used to colonised my country though :p

Then I knew I was wrong. I liked the city – like super-liked! If I got a chance to live in one city in the Western EU, Amsterdam it is! I felt like the life they have was more lively and the people were also nicer – to my surprise. Or maybe because it was autumn, and Amsterdam looked so much prettier in that season. I mean, who doesn’t fall in love to a view like this, right?


Imagine that you live in the city where the society likes to put the smile on their face, and this kinda view will always there to fill your days… 🙂
A fair reason why I ended up adding 1 extra day in Ams, dropping Belgium from my itinerary (Sorry not to Sorry!)

I tried to cherish every single minute I had in the city, enjoyed it’s vibrant and the breezy autumn weather. Most of the time I found myself wandering from street to street, shop to shop, canals to canals yet never had enough of it. The city was so good outweighed it’s high price on everything except Hemma :p



Caught a rainbow!

On the second day, I managed to join Sandeman free tour that bring me to the important part of the city. I highly recommend this tour by the way, the guide will tell you a glimpse of history of The Netherlands with a fun way by walking you through the historical buildings, canals, cafes and the famous red district. The most memorable story was  when we were at the front of VOC (Dutch East India Company) building. VOC was the world’s first IPO company that made the Netherlands once became the wealthiest country in the world, by taking the advantages of colonialism in Dutch East India (now is known as : Indonesia). Yep, my country. Shame on you, Netherlands! *screamed inside*

Amsterdam is a home for museums – Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, and many more. But I didn’t go to any of them – y’know they are not my cup of tea. Well, the only museum that I wanted to go was Anne Frank House, I got someone who fill me in about the story of her. Unfortunately, when I got there, the line was insanely long that I couldn’t see myself standing there. I asked Dila whether the line worth to do, she said the house has been renovated, made it no longer real and authentic. However the story remained. So I just took this picture at the front of her house – promise myself to read her book someday.


Did I tell you the night turned this city even more adorable? The streets will be more live, full of people both walking and cycling, not to mention the fascinating glare of lights in the canals. Hanging out in the local bar will be a good option to spend the night. Dutch loves to squeezed in a bar, stand close to each other until you hardly find a way to pass through. It’s their thing. If you want to act like a local, then go find a busy bar, get squeezed in and talk.




I didn’t go to Zaanse Schans, Volendam, not even Giethoorn –  simply because I just didn’t want to. But Dila convinced to go to one other city, at least. She came up with some names, but then we opted for Leiden. A small town in the south of Holland. It was so quiet that I hardly found people walking outside in Leiden. Maybe because of the freezing temperature or it’s just the way it is. But I liked the city though, tiny version of Ams with more laid-back atmosphere.

IMG_5504 IMG_5542



Oh, on top of it all, The cities in Netherlands had taught me something.
Nothing hotter than bicyclist men with suit and tie! Awww!

*  Unfortunately, pictures only for my private consumption 😉 *