Hello Kid(s),

By the time you guys read this post. I want you to know that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I think about you every now and then even long before you were born. (If you ever being born :p)

At the end of 2018, I made a trip to a far – far away country from my home, to the The United States of America. That was my furthest trip ever, FYI.

In between my itinerary to New York and Vermont, I decided to come to Boston for a couple of days specifically to visit Harvard – your future school (Can I hear your Amen? ;p). I just wanted to draw myself a picture on what kind of education place I wished you to get someday.

I took a subway to Harvard Square and followed the crowd passing through the University gate that led me getting into a big yard which surrounded by many buildings. One looked like a Church, another one looked like a Library, and the other one looked like a big meeting hall. Well, its your duty to tell me later what building are they actually.


I met this big popular guy sitting at the side of the yard. People were lining to rub his shoes. It brings luck for student they said. Thus, I joined the line, rubbed his shoes, and whispered to him : Please allow my children to study with you here in Harvard. One day I’ll come back here to send them over and to see you again, Sir.


I took some time to explore the complex, enjoyed the school vibe by sitting on the lawn, wondering will it be your favourite corner to hang out with your friends?



I also met this future sneaky little friend of yours – I saw plenty of them running around the yard. They were so cute I could not hold myself to capture them with my camera.


Ah ya, there were an interesting building just behind the complex, the sign said Lowell House that apparently a residential house for students. Oh kid, I was curious which house you would get later in the Housing Day. Well anywhere it will be – I hope you could find a great friendship and good life there. I really could not wait to hear you stand up tall talking proud about your house – whether it Lowell, Pfoho, Kirkland, Quincy or whatever.


Believe me, I wanted to stay longer and explore the other area more. But that day was so cold although the sun shined so bright. My body clearly needed a muse. Lucky me, when I stepped out from the University area, I passed through a line of stores and found this big banner signed ‘Best Hot Chocolate in Boston’ – I instantly went in to order one.


Harvard Square was also quiet fun though, I had a stroll a lil bit to the closest souvenir shop. Bought my self a Harvard tiny bear and a Harvard hat for your Grandpa. I told him I got the hat in his future grandchild’s future school. He might think I was insane.  LoL.


I spent the next day exploring Boston City. I tell you what. Despite my amuse to Central Park New York, but deep inside I think I liked Common Boston more. I somehow had an imagination of you regularly having exercise or waiting a sunset there with your friends, letting the sun rays gradually shining off of your face. Oh God, you gotta love it! Because that’s how I actually feel when I was there and I want you to feel the same sensation too! I have a good feeling Boston will be the right city for you to live at.


Look, I understand that all my writings here are based on my feeling, my experience and my expectation. I had no clue on how do you want your future to be like. Whatever you want to be – I just want you to fight right for it.

Really looking forward to twenty something years from now..