Once upon a time, I woke up to this view through my room window – a real christmas three and blanket of snow just next to someone’s porch.


I got off from the bed, heading to the room next door to get a mug filled with a hot water. It was a Hot Chocolate weather! I whispered to my self while staring at back yard blanketed with snow. Put on my headset – randomly playing song on my Spotify.

It was the coldest day in my entire life so far. I asked my friend to go out a bit later that day – giving the temperature figures hits below -10 degrees. Also, the room was too homey to be left too soon. I rent an Airbnb that time – to get the feel of local house. Although the owner not living in the same house, but the house was very lovely and warm.

Later in that day, we went out of the house, walking just about 3 blocks to the city center which just look like this




We tried to find a place for breakfast through an apps, which led us to many amazing food. So, if you guys are in the United States, Yelp – is the most reliable apps to find a good restaurant/cafes, just like Zomato does in Asia.
The city was actually very-very small yet very enjoyable to explore. I spent the whole day slow – walking and cafe hopping. Well – it was minus ten degrees weather, this belly definitely need to be well-fed.

We also went to Lake Champlain, a lake that partially situated across the US and Canadian border. A local said, there might be a dinosaur in it.

Watching the world turns to grey

Burlington also has a really gorgeous night surrounding.  These picture below are the centre of the town, they named it Church Street as this pretty church stands at the end of the street. I totally had a good day in Burlington!

The Story behind :

Why would I traveled hundred of kms from New York to this little town in Vermont? Well.. I had a plan to do snowmobiling in Stowe which located just 1 hour away from Burlington. My friend and I did booked a car via online to go there from Burlington. But when we were about to take the car from the rental, we got a problem with our credit card that apparently did not work well in the US. We tried many things but seems like we could not really get the damn car. So, we decided to check-in to our accommodation first while figuring out how to get to Stowe for tomorrow.
Just when we got to the AirBnB, an email popped out on my phone screen, saying that the Snowmobile for tomorrow will be canceled due to the weather reason. What the.. What!? And just like that, the dots are connected. I mean, if we got the car, but the snowmobile got cancelled. The car would be such a waste, right?
So yeah, we finally embraced the situation, getting to experience this far-away town of the United States was worth it after all.