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It’s March already! Geezz…wondering if TIME is riding a bullet train!

Well, I don’t have many plans as I did back in 2014. But I do have a bigger travel plan this year.

Not gonna tell you now, because err…let’s say it is still confidential due to the long process of uncertainty. Right now, I’m still on my tiny steps to get there, so.. if everything’s run smooth, I might leave this beautiful country for quite a while. Since I’m such a have-faith kind of girl, so…just pray for the best. Let God do the rest. 🙂

Anyhow… I want to share my few plans which I’m pretty sure will make many of you gasp-ing. Hahaha..


Yes! I will be visiting Japan soon! Always dreaming of having cherry blossom festival in Japan. And…hard to believe I’m gonna make it come true this spring! Whenever I tell about it to my friends, they always get excited. Most of them already had the chance to visit the country and they said that Japan is just marvelously special, a country that you never have enough to explore. Thanks guys for making my curiosity up.

Cherry Blossom in Japan Courtesy of : crstimoise.net


Sounds fancy? I know! Got cheap tickets last year, and now I’m just counting on the days to get there. Will certainly go dive in Maldives. and have such a good time on the beach with the best people I know on earth! (read : besties)

Where’s all my soul sister..Where’s all my soul brother.. Beachy beachy ya ya hey hey hey!

Hahaha can’t wait! :p
*I’m not crazy yet, just over-excited as usual*

Maldives Courtesy of : restland.blogspot.com


Considering it’s still confidential, So…… let’s make it low for now. If I already half way there, I promise I’ll start writing about it. 😀

Cheers for 2015!