Motorhome (left) and Campervan (right)

#1 Campervan or Motorhome? Campervan usually refers to smaller 2-4 berth vehicle. It’s a van that being modified to have kitchen and bathroom facilities in compact form. While Motorhome is more spacious vehicle for 2 – 6 berth, it contains kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as other home features. Which one is better? depends on how many people gonna join the trip and how much level of comfort you want to have. Because, of course the most spacious is the most comfortable. But doesn’t mean campervan is not comfortable. Motorhome can be uncomfortable either when you have to find a parking space, especially in the city. Both have plus and minus so it’s up to you.

#2 What is the best Campervan/Motorhome rental in NZ? You can go with the most popular one (check it on google!), but I’d say almost rental company are good, just make sure that they have good customer service that is available to contact anytime. It’s very important for emergency thing during the trip. In my case, Jucy delivered good customer service though they seem have a really busy line to call.

#3 If you already have exact date of the trip, it will be better to book your campervan much in advance. The earlier, the cheaper price you can get.

#4 It is prohibited to do freedom camping in most of premium area in New Zealand. Freedom camping is the practice of putting up tents or parking up campervans in areas not designated for camping. Yes, you can not park your campervan anywhere you like to stay over for a night or so, unless you want to get fined.

#5 That is why there are lots of campsite/holiday park vary from the free one until the pricey one. The free one usually provide at least access of water and toilet. The pricey one? It has a really-really good facilities even like a resort or hotel.

#6 Always make sure your fuel is full or at least half full. Find a gas station as soon as possible if you found out the indicator already less than half empty. Believe me, this is very very very important. DO NOT take it easy. FYI, the more remote the area, the more expensive the fuel price. So its better to fill up your tank in a big city than in a town.

#7 How much money will be spent for fuel? I can not give you exact numbers, because it all depends. Depends on your vehicle, distance, where you get the fuel, etc. But for instance, I spent $700 – $800  for 2000 km distance.

#8 Do not forget to unload your dirty water tank, and load with the new one. It can be done in most of the campsite (they do have facilities for this)

#9 Do not forget to charge your campervan battery in a powered-site camp. At least once in 3-4 days, depends on your electricity usage though. If you feel that you have enough battery supply, then it’s okay to rent a non-powered site.

#10 If you have a toilet inside your caravan/motorhome, then waste disposal should be needed at least once in 2 days. New Zealand is a very campervan-friendly country. There’s a bunch of dump point on the road. And of course, in the caravan/holiday park.